A RPG Game developed for Twitch Chat

Basement Heroes is a rpg genre game created entirely focused on Twitch chat, in which the premise is that players interact with each other and with the streamer and, from there, earn xp, level up, choose new classes when they reach a certain level level, drop items, be able to customize your character and create guilds among the friends you made while participating in the chat.
The proposal with the creation of this game was to make it more dynamic and incorporate interaction within the chat, giving viewers a greater incentive to participate in the live actively.

How to Play

You want to know how to Play?

Just participate in the live chat of your favorite streamer who has the game active his chat, type in the chat and voilá, you are already playing. Messages can gives you experience and has a percentage to drop some item based on the streamer's game configuration.


Streams where you can play

We will recommend all the streamers which is online and has the game running on the chat. Meet people who likes to play Basement Heroes in different lives.